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Amazon Kindle 1.0 Ebook Reader

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader

This describes the Amazon Kindle Reader. The Kindle 2.0 isn’t released yet – when it is I’ll update this to reflect the specs of both versions. For now, this has the technical specifications for the Kindle Reader.

# Kindle Reader has an eInk screen that is 600 by 800 pixels. It’s a 6″ diagonal E-Ink® electronic paper display, with a resolution at 167 ppi, 4-level gray scale.
# Battery Life: Leave wireless on and recharge every other day. Turn wireless off and read for a week or more before recharging. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage. Charge Time: Approximately 2 hours
# USB Port: USB 2.0 (mini-B connector) to optionally connect to a PC or Macintosh computer
# Audio: 3.5mm stereo audio jack, rear-mounted mono speaker.
# 1 year limited warranty and service. Also, you can return your Kindle for a full refund within 30 days.
# Kindle runs on the Linux kernel.
# The kindle reader come with 64MB Ram, a 256 MB internal storage of which only 180 MB is available and can hold about 200 books.
# The eReader has an SD card slot and 4GB SDHC cards have been shown to work.
# Kindle eBook Reader supports 4 ebook formats – Kindle format .azw, Plain Text .txt, and unprotected MobiPocket i.e. .mobi and .prc. The Kindle also supports audible audiobook files .aa, and .mp3 files.
# The music player plays files in random order.
# Amazon Whispernet uses Sprint’s EVDO network to provide wireless delivery of books and free internet access.
# Very lightweight – 292 grams. Weight: 10.3 ounces.
# Compact Size – 19.1 cm height, 13.5 cm width, and 1.8 cm thickness. Size (in inches): 7.5" x 5.3' x 0.7".

Specifications Screen:
   o 600×800 pixels,
   o 167 ppi resolution,
   o 15cm diagonal,
   o 19.1 × 13.5 cm,
   o 4-level grayscale
   o Electronic paper,
   o LCD side scroller.
Operating system:
   o Linux (2.6.10 kernel). The device runs on a modified version of Linux based on the 2.6.10 kernel.
   o QWERTY keyboard
   o select wheel
   o next/prev/back buttons.
   o Intel PXA255.
   o 64 MB RAM,
   o 256 MB (180 MB available) internal storage,
   o SD expansion slot.
   o Complete back up archive of all purchased material archived on Amazon Cloud.
   o Amazon Whispernet. Wireless Connectivity to the internet with an experimental browser.
   o EVDO/CDMA AnyDATA wireless modem, USB 2.0 port (mini-B connector),3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, built-in speaker,
   o AC power adapter jack.
   o 3.7V, 1530mAh lithium polymer, BA1001 model. Edit: A full day battery backup, in case of wireless usage while with no wireless, the battery can last for a week. Charging time is two hours.
Physical size: 19.1 × 13.5 × 1.8 cm
Weight: 292 g
Media capabilities:
   o Kindle (.azw),
   o Plain text (.txt),
   o Unprotected Mobipocket (.mobi, .prc),
   o MP3 (.mp3),
   o Audible (.aa). Reference: Wireless Access to Wikipedia and an in-built dictionary.
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