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Kenwood DNX-7100 LCD DVD GPS Navigation+KCA-iP300V


Brand new for 2007, the Kenwood DNX-7100 breaks new ground in high technology mobile video. It has a built-in Navigation System as well as AM/FM tuner, single-disc DVD and CD player that also plays DVD-R/RW, CD-R, and CD-RW discs with MP3 or WMA files, Double DIN-size for in-dash mounting. A full-function remote control is included. The LCD screen is 6.95" wide, and it tilts to avoid glare from the sun with a motorized mechanism, plus a reverse step for additional flexibility needed on some vehicles where the mounting location is not at a 90 degree angle. Maximum power is 50 watts x 4 integrated, and comes with front, rear, and non-fading pre-outs to add amplifiers. Features also include System E`s + Advanced Crossover System, System Q EX Sound Control. The LCD screen features Touchscreen Control and comes with a BRAND NEW GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE (GUI), and has a Widescreen (16:9) Aspect Ratio. It has 1 Audio-Video input, 1 A/V output, and 1 rear view camera input. Comes with 3 Pre-outs (Front/rear/Subwoofer) (2.0V). It is satellite ready (optional module and SIRIUS or XM subscription required for service). The unit comes complete in the box with all wires, harnesses, brain unit, in-dash unit, manuals and remote. In addition to the satellite optional module, there are other optional modules you can add like CD changer, TV Tuner, BlueTooth telephone module, etc. And now you can connect your iPod Video to the USB port to listen as well as watch videos on the screen with the optional KCA-iP300V adaptor! Use the USB port to connect any USB storage device with MP3 or WMA files as well!

Kenwood USB Compatibility information.

The built-in navigation system offers turn-by-turn map and voice guidance guided by GPS satellite antenna, comes with built-in road maps of the United States and Canada with over 5 million points of interest. The navigation system has voice prompts offer turn-by-turn guidance, it is compatible with Clear Channel Traffic Message Channel and XM Satellite Radio traffic information services (subscriptions and extra components required), has multi-destination route planning and automatic rerouting for missed turns. The display offers 2-D and 3-D map views, comes with an intregrated trip computer. New is the SD card slot for map updates, no more looking for and purchasing expensive DVD`s! 12-channel WAAS-enabled GPS receiver.

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